Three Rivers ADF Festival 2022

We are less than two weeks away from our Druid festival, the first one since the pandemic changed all of our lives. We’re putting the final touches on the program and getting the land ready for your arrival.

Register for the Three Rivers ADF Festival 2022 today! There are only 50 available registrations spots available, so don’t delay! Click here to register.

ADF Clergy Tea Time, the Second Pouring

May be an image of 4 people, people standing and text that says 'ADF Clergy Tea Time, Second Pouring Jan Michael Caryn Carrion'

February 19th, 12:30pm: Zoom Session (Facebook Event)

This is the second edition in a series of online panel discussions that feature several members of our ADF clergy. In this series of panels, we will be getting to know them better, discover more about their experiences, and how to best engage with them in their roles as clergy.

Host: Hobbes Hickey (Thornhaven Grove)

Let’s learn more about our panelists.

Jan Avende

Rev. Jan Avende is an Initiate and Consecrated Priest of Ár nDraíocht Féin and serves the Central Ohio community out of Three Cranes Grove, ADF.  They are a talented Bard, Liturgist, and Spiritworker, with a passion for mentoring others, building resources for pagan families, and making the work that we do as pagans accessible for all.  You can see more of their writing at and support their work at

Caryn MacLuan

Rev Caryn MacLuan is a retired Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer who has been a pagan for over 45 years, a member of ADF and a leader in CedarLight Grove for over 22 years. She is a consecrated  ADF Priest was ordained in 2003.  She has been a member of the Mother Grove, an officer in the clergy council, and held several leadership positions in the Council of Senior Druids including the Chief of the Council.  She is a Master Herbalist, with a graduate certificate in herbalism, and a Reiki Master.  She is currently working on the third circle of the CTP and a leadership course for the Council of Senior Druids.

Michael J Dangler

Rev. Michael J Dangler (who uses he/him pronouns) has been an ADF member since 2002. He is currently the Past Senior Druid and, along with Rev. Avende, a Grove Priest of Three Cranes Grove, ADF, in Columbus, OH. Some of his work appears in the ADF Dedicant Path, and it has since become foundational to our Study Programs. He completed his Dedicant Path in May of 2003, became an ADF Dedicant Priest in 2006, and a Senior Priest in 2010. He became one of ADF’s first two trialed Initiates in 2009, with Rev. Kirk Thomas. Since then, MJD’s work has become more and more about creating accessible resources for people doing work on the path of modern Druidry. You can find some of that work at the physical store he co-owns, The Magical Druid (, and especially on Patreon (, where he pours out resources whenever he can.

Carrion Mann

Rev. Carrion Mann is an ADF Senior Priest and Initiate and has been a member of ADF since 2001.  While perhaps most well known in ADF for my work with the Dead, I have served the folk of ADF in a variety of official capacities including, Vice Arch Druid, Non-Officer Director, ADF Preceptor, Liturgist Guild Chief and Scribe, Chief of Clann na Gael, and Leader of the Order of the Dead, as well as, continue to service my local community as a member, Clergyperson and Chief Liturgist of Whispering Lake Grove, ADF.

Yule 2020 Ritual

Thornhaven Yule Blot and Sumbel 2020

Note: This event is virtual, so please check the Facebook event for information on how to connect to the virtual ritual. Facebook Event.

Pre-ritual run-down: Households can choose to follow along with their own altars. List of offerings and ritual tools are included in people’s packages.

Ritual begins at each person’s altar, hearth or chosen ritual space.

Statement of Intent

“Tonight, the darkness wins. In the battle between day and night, the day has been conquered, and we, the people of Midgard, must now endure the long nights of Winter’s reign. Frost giants surround us, and with them, come the threats of danger and death. What keeps us alive during this time is the shelter and warmth of our homes, and the company of our Kin, both those we live with, and those we connect with virtually.

“Yule is a time of celebration, of gathering together around the fire, of accepting the blessings of kinship and community- food, drink, laughter, warmth. It stands in harsh contrast to the inhuman world outside, where the Giants roam, where there is no room for error, no mercy and no fairness. This year more than any we have previously experienced, highlights the stark contrast between the world we create with each other, and the world outside of that warmth, connection and support.  So we help each, support each other, and give each other solace. We wear our masks to protect others, we stay inside, and we refrain from gathering, even though we keenly miss the person-to person connection.  That is what kinship is. On this longest night, with the cold and the darkness hovering just outside our doors, we here gathered in this virtual space form a kindred, to protect each other, support each other, comfort each other.”

“Tonight, we will recognize both the darkness and the light: First, we will give tithing to the Frost Giants out there in the wilderness, to recognize their role in the balancing of the world, and secure protection for our kin during this most dangerous of seasons. We will then also honour, through celebration, the blessings of Yule amongst our kindred, sharing the warmth and the comfort of our hearths with each other. ”

“Tonight, we will give our Gods what we can, and take from them the blessings they see fit to bestow upon us.”

“First, let us give our due to the wild dark, to those who dwell in the barren snow, the unforgiving ice.”

Direction: If you can go outside and have a modicum of privacy for this section, please do so. If not, face the northerly direction and place an offering bowl in front of you.

 “We call out into the darkness,

Into the bitter cold and harsh winds,

We the people of Thornhaven Kindred

Call out the enemies of the Gods.

You who know not the warmth of the Hall

Who are strangers to company, and the blessings of Humankind.

We, who are not your enemies, but see you for what you are

And recognize your value and place in our world

You give us snow to help regenerate the earth

You give us wind to cleanse the air

You give us ice, from which our own ancestors sprang

You give us darkness so that we may know rest.

Wild Ones, Frost Giants,

We offer you a tithe

To secure the protection of the folk here gathered.

Keep safe our people, our loved ones, our animals, our property,

Do not jeopardize our safety or health.

With this offering we buy ourselves peace

Though tempests and blizzards may howl

And pandemics may rage.

Let our voices carry on the North Wind,

Let our offering be brought to your Mountains.

Direction: Return back to your altar/hearth/ritual space.

Offering to Earth Mother

 “For the peace of mid-winter

For the bounty of the feast-table

For the shelter of the Hall

And the comfort of Kin

We say Hail to you, Earth Mother!

The foundation of our lives and all our happiness is built upon you, and so we give you this, the first offering in thanks.”

(Offering of grains is poured into the offering bowl)

Offering to Sky Father

Son of Jorth, Red-bearded one

Bringer of lightning, seeding the sky

We gather under your shield

Skyfather, mighty one

Protector of Midgard

Grant us the hallowing of Mjolnir

Might Donar, honour us as we honour you.

(Offering of beer is made to the offering bowl)

(Direction: If you have a Yule tree, you can use it as your world tree for the occasion. If not, feel free to use your world-tree approximate from your altar, or even a potted plant.

“Let us now recreate the centre of all things, where our magic is strongest and where our words are clearly carried to their homes.”

We are at the centre of all things

Response: (Home of our home)

The Land is firm below our feet

(Home of our home)

The eternal Sea surrounds us

(Home of our home)

The endless Sky stretches out above us

(Home of our home)

By land and sea and sky do we come

By land and sea and sky are we made

By land and sea and sky we are

At the centre of all things

(Home of our home)


In the centre of all, there is the one tree

Yggdrasil, mighty pillar

Stretching above and below

And through the nine worlds

Steed of Odin, home of secrets

Time worn but ever standing.

Shelter we find ‘neath your branches

Strength we draw from your roots

Sacred tree, grow within us!

Response: Sacred tree, grow within us

(Tree is libated with water from the Sacred Well)

All: Sacred Tree, Grow within us.

Sacred Well:

In the centre of all, beneath the tree

There are three wells of power

One of magic, mighty wyrd

The other, deep and full of darkness,

The third, belonging to the Norns,

of wisdom and fate, for those who seek it.

The powers flow deeply below our feet.

Sacred waters, flow within us

Response: Sacred waters, flow within us


In the centre of all, beneath the tree

We light the sacred fire

(light the candle provided by Thornhaven Grove)

Bright is the praise that we will give

In kindling the flames of sacrifice

With holy fire we raise our offerings up

Upward to the realms of gods

And pure will our worship be.

Sacred fire, burn within us

Response: Sacred fire, burn within us

Wherever we stand, we stand on sacred ground

Protected by the spirit of the thorn, hallowed by the fire and water

In this space, our spirits are united

At the centre of all worlds


Direction: For those following at home, visualization is included with the words.

Now we call upon Heimdall, the gatekeeper, so we can connect to the realms and the shining ones. Watch the fire and see Bïfrost, the rainbow bridge, manifest to us. (See a man in white, standing at the end of a rainbow bridge, with a sword in one hand, and a giant horn in the other. He shines brightly and smiles at you.)

Heimdall, shining one, guardian of beautiful Bïfrost, where Asgard and Midgard meet: We ask you, father of all men, to open the gates. Let the blessings and praise flow freely between our worlds, and let us know our Gods, and they us.

We give you this offering of sacred herbs, whose smoke will carry our words and gifts across the rainbow bridge. (Light herb bundle and let it smoke as long as it will)

(Place hands out to “activate” the hallows and draw the portal in the air. Imagine a doorway opening over Yygdrasil, shining more brightly with each word) Let our voices be made heard throughout the nine worlds, riding the roots and branches of Yggdrasil: worlds of darkness, worlds of light, worlds of fire and of ice, worlds of beauty and worlds most bleak- through all the worlds do we proclaim: Let the Gates be open!

In this space, we are never alone. Let us now make our offerings to the kindred whose company we seek.

Calling the Kindreds

We make our offering to the Kindreds of the Worlds

To those who dwell below and those who dwell above

To the tribes of Spirits

In the nine realms

Hear your true worshippers as we make due sacrifice.”

Nature Spirits

 “Spirits of the Land, keepers of place

Weather-wise, your knowledge runs deep

Landvaettir great, Ancient as Earth

Land wights old, Guardians of garth

Spirits of leaf, and thorn and stone

Creatures of feather and fur and skin

Come to our shrine, share in our company.”

Lift up offering of birdseed:

“This is a gift for a gift

For the beauty and peace that we witness at midwinter

For the creature comforts that we share with you.

We give you this offering in thanks.”

(Place bird seed in the offering bowl)


(an empty horn/vessel is held up)

“Ancestors old, keepers of wisdom

Life-wise, your knowledge is hidden

Grandmothers and fathers, beloved dead

Alfar, Disir, Heroes, and guardians,

Warding Spirits untouched by memory

Ancestors of blood, of heart and of land

Come to our shrine, share in our company.”

Lift up glass/cup of drink:

“This is the cup of remembrance,

An offering to our Ancestors.

Let it be known we do not forget you,

We celebrate the life that you have given us

And learn from your wisdom.”

Pour offering into bowl


“Aesir, Vanir, Shining Ones all

From you do all things come,

The beauty of Midgard, the bounty of all.

Of sense and being you have given us well,

Taught us of runes, of faith and troth,

Of right-mindfullness, and honour true,

O Shining Ones of magic and might, we call you forth

To bless this feast and the people here gathered!”

Feast food is lifted up:

“Join us at our feast table, warm yourselves at our hearth,

Let us honour you with hospitality, fit for the Gods.

Hail to the Aesir!

Hail to the Vanir!

Hail to the Gods!”

Main Offering/Call to Odin

Vegtam the wanderer, one of many names, the seeker of knowledge, the seer of truth, be welcome this night. You have lived as king and peasant, God and Father of All and died more than once to gain what you have. We are blessed by your presence and the chance you give us, for blessed is the host and the giver of comfort.

Blessed Alfather, Shaper of Men, we welcome you this night. You, who – along with your Brothers – gave form and life to the First of Our Ancestors, continue to bless us with wisdom, and we are ever thankful.

Wise Sanngetall, you who stole the Dvergar’s brew from Suttung, you who seek wisdom from the inhabitants of all the Nine Worlds, we honour you this night.  Guide us, Great Advisor, as we walk in the ways of the Kindred.

Mighty Ygg, You Who Rode the Tree, You Who sacrificed Self to Self for nine long nights: we honor you this day. You sacrificed all you had in the pursuit of wisdom, and with that sacrifice you won the Mysteries. You Who Rode the Tree, may you impart your wisdom and its blessings upon us, for we make this offering to you. Red wine, as red as the blood you shed in sacrifice for the runes.

Hail to the High One, the Terrible One: Wise Odin!

(Red wine is poured into the offering bowl)

Final Offering

Let our voices arise on the Flame… Let our voices resound in the well… let our voices echo throughout the nine realms: O, Great One of many names, AlFather, accept our worship and reverence. Hear our calls, Oh Shining Ones, and grant us what blessings you may.


A gift calls for a gift. Let us now learn of the gifts the gods see fit to share with us, through the runes hard won by the King of Singers.

(Runes are pulled, but not said).

(Virtual) Sumbel

Everyone fills their cup. Senior druid provides an explanation of the horn of frith. In sharing the horn, and the blessings it contains, we build the connections between us, and make them stronger.

(Each rune (3) pulled is a blessing per round of sumbel, with leader putting the blessing into the horn, telling the congregation the significance of each rune of blessing. Everyone takes a sip of their drink as each participant makes their toast for the three rounds of sumbel- toasts to gods, toasts to ancestors, toast/boast/oath.

(Once Sumbel is completed)

In this time of darkness, in this year of fear and uncertainty, we take comfort from each other, from the kindreds that surround and support us, and from the wisdom of the runes. Hear now the blessing of the rune Gebo:

Meditation on Gebo and Hospitality:

Place your candle before you, so you can see the light through your closed eyelids. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

In your mind’s eye, picture the rune Gebo. This is the rune that is drawn on your candle. The two equal-length sticks crossing each other at the middle. It looks like a person with their legs and arms outstretched.

This is the rune of relationship, of giving and taking. You see that the arms are even and balanced, to show that the most stable of relationships is one where there is give and take in equal measure.

The crossing of these lines is where you and the other meet together. It could represent your relationship with your partner, with your children or parents, or with your ancestors or gods. There is you, and there is the other, and together, you create balance in giving and receiving. If either neglects that balance, gives or receives too much or too little, then the rune itself becomes unstable and tips over on its shorter point.

See the rune glowing brightly in the darkness before you. Watch as the arms and legs of the rune begin to stretch out into the night. The others around you are doing the same, and you see their own lines crossing yours, until before you, you see a whole host of Gebo runes, like stars, with lines drawn between them, making a glowing web.

This is a web of interconnectedness. It shows you how you are connected to each other. These are all your relations. This web is strong, and is a source of strength that you can draw from. This web is vibrant, and shines more brightly every time you give of yourself, and every time you graciously receive from others too. This web is alive, and you tend to its balance when you make your offerings and receive your blessings to and from the kindreds.

This web is dependent too, just as you are all dependent on each other. When one line suffers, the whole of the web feels an effect. This year, more than any other, has shown us this. In these difficult times, when the edge between certainty and doubt, between comfort and fear, between life and death is so thin, that effect can be dire. We need to maintain the web of Gebo, because we need it to survive. We need each other, we need the bonds of community to keep us safe.

This is why hospitality was so important for our ancestors. In giving and receiving, that web of safety was built. It’s how societies were built, and how we ensured our survival. It is also why the virtue is so important to us. In keeping to the virtue of Gebo, we bring to our actions the knowledge of that interconnectedness, the wisdom of the web, which shows itself in kindness and generosity, as well as in humility and gratitude. Through our acts of hospitality, we become the balance keepers, the tenders of the web of community.

In these days of the pandemic, we show our hospitality by wearing our masks, refraining from leaving our houses, connecting with our loved ones virtually instead. When we see others suffering, we give them what comfort we can. We try to keep the wolves of misinformation at bay. We defend the weakest among us. We take care of each other. That is how we will survive.

Open your eyes now, but keep in your heart the wisdom of Gebo.

Final Blessing

The night is dark and long, but we are blessed! We sit together in comfort and joy, filled to the brim with the blessings of the Gods, of our ancestors and the spirits of the land. Though this rite is ending, we will leave this place wiser, with the web of Gebo to guide our actions toward kindness and gratitude.


(people refill their glasses)

Let’s raise our glasses in thanks!

We give thanks and hail to the Gods for the bounty of our lives.


We give thanks and hail to the All-Father, for his teachings.


We give thanks and hail to the Ancestors, Alfar and Disir.


We give thanks and hail to Land wights for their protection.


We give thanks and hail to Heimdall, the gatekeeper, for his protection and guidance on this night.


We give thanks to the Sky Father, for the shelter of his shield.


We give thanks and hail to the Earth Mother, our foundation and strength.


Closing the Gates and Ending the Rite

“Now by the keeper of the Gates and by our magic, we end what we began.

Let the fire be flame,

Let the well be water,

Let all be as it was before.

Let the Gates be closed!”

“This grove was founded in January 2007, at which time a commitment was made: to celebrate together every high day, and other occasions, to worship the land and the spirits that reside here, the ancestors and our Gods. Today, as on every feast day, we now restate our oath. We have done as our ancestors have done, and as our children will do, and the Kindred have answered. Let us go now as children of the Sun. Peace be on us and blessings too.

This rite is ended. So be it!

New Dates for Three Rivers Festival 2020

In anticipation of the likelihood that the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to require social distancing into late May and early June, we have decided to postpone Three Rivers Festival to the weekend of July 23rd-26th, 2020. This is our optimistic projection, and fervent hope that we are able to gather at that time.

This new date coincides with our annual Lugh-centred festival “Heart of One Festival” (HOOF) at Thornhaven. As a result, Lugh will be the patron of Three Rivers this year, and while we will retain the theme of “Renewal”, we will also celebrate Lugh and build a shrine in his honour.

May the gods and our ancestors keep us safe until we can come together.

Three Rivers Festival 2020

Save the date!

This year, the Thornhaven Sacred Centre will be hosting the Three Rivers Festival on June 4th to 7th, 2020.

This year’s theme, of renewal, has many layers. It holds the concept of the cycle, of moving back to the same place, but in a new form. It is about shedding the old, and moving toward the place of beginnings. It’s about tapping into the lessons and energies accumulated in the past to reshape in a new form. And it’s about embracing the end of something, to start fresh.

With the completion last year of the nemeton oaths, it is the end of one cycle, and the start of a new one. With it being the first year at Thornhaven, and with the ordination of a new priest, we will be witness to the beginning of something new, but which draws from the past all the strength, magic, and memory of the last 10 years of Three Rivers Festival.

Bookmark this site for more news and updates about this festival.

Statement From The Mother Grove regarding founder Isaac Bonewits

In 2018, the late founder of ADF, Isaac Bonewits, was accused of sexually molesting a child. Just recently, allegations have been raised from among our membership that are similar in nature.

The Mother Grove publicly denounces Bonewits’ alleged actions toward children. We cannot and will not abide such actions. Children are our most precious asset, as they represent our future, and we have a sacred duty to protect them from harm, including teaching them about their own sovereignty.

For that reason, we also reaffirm our commitment to creating a culture of consent within ADF. The Mother Grove will work with our Human Services Specialist to create a consistent consent training program.

ADF may have begun as a single tree planted by Isaac, but in the years since, each new member has planted and tended their own tree. Some have chosen to plant a single tree, while others have together planted entire groves. Together, these trees make up the forest of Our Druidry. We stand now together, a forest of trees struggling in the darkness and shadow cast by that first tree.

There comes a time in the life of a grove where such trees must be felled, to allow for the growth and health of those which remain. This is such a time.

To preserve the health of our organization, we must cut out the blight that is Isaac Bonewits’ legacy. We sever the ties both historical and spiritual that bind us to him. For his actions against children, Isaac Bonewits will no longer be named as a beloved ancestor of ADF, nor is he welcome at our sacred fire.

May his memory and his dark actions fade with the rising of the sun.

We pray that those in need of support and healing find that swiftly, members and non-members alike, and remind members that they may reach out to the Members’ Advocate ( or Human Services Specialist ( for support.


The Mother Grove

New dates for 2019 season

Last weekend, we held our Annual General Meeting and worked out our plans for the 2019 season at Thornhaven. Here are our new event dates:

  • Imbolic: Febrary 2nd, 2019
  • Spring Equinox: March 23, 2019
  • Beltane: May 4, 2019
  • Solstice: June 22, 2019
  • Lughnasad: July 26-29, 2019 (HOOF Lugh Retreat)
  • Harvestide: Sept 21, 2019
  • Samhain: Nov 2, 2019
  • Yule: Dec 14, 2019
  • Imbolic: Feb 1 2020

Special Events

  • Ogham Weekend: May 24-26, 2019
  • HOOF Lugh Retreat: Lughnasad: July 26-29, 2019

2018 Seasonal events

Highday Schedule for 2018

Highday events take place at Thornhaven.

  • Yule 2017: December 26th
  • Imbolc: February 3rd
  • Chaos/Spring Equinox: March 24th
  • Beltaine: May 5th
  • Midsummer: June 23rd
  • Lughnasad: August 4th (Note: Lugh Fest will be from August 3rd-6th)
  • Harvestide: September 22nd
  • Samhain: November 3rd
  • Yule 2018: December 15th

Social Gatherings

Location of gatherings will be confirmed. Visit our Facebook page or contact us to confirm the location.


  • January 5th
  • February 16th
  • March 30th
  • April 20th
  • June 1st
  • July 13th
  • August 24th
  • October 5th
  • November 16th