What is Thornhaven?

Thornhaven is a 18.5 acre, semi-public property located approximately an hour south of Ottawa. We call it “semi-private” because, while we own the land, and live on it, we are also offering access to all manner of neo-pagan folk (wiccans, druids, norse/asatru, voudon, eclectic, whatever) as a place for group rituals and spiritual retreats. There is no charge for access or use of the land, and we (the owners) donate our own time and money for maintenance.

Our intent is two-fold:

a) To provide a haven for pagan folk: This is space for pagans to worship their Gods in nature, on land that is consecrated for this sacred purpose, without the fear, worry or interruption that can accompany outdoor ritual/retreats in public spaces such as parks.

b) To build sacred space: Sacred space is built not just with land, stone or trees, but with the spiritual investment of people. We have been using the land for the last few years for private rituals and retreats, and have begun creating specific shrines and circles. However, we believe that the more people use our land for their own worship, and the more people develop a relationship with the spirits of the land, the more powerful and sacred the land becomes.

What is the “Thornhaven Sacred Site Project”?

One of our intentions in making Thornhaven more public is to build the spiritual investment on the land. For example, Stonehenge is a powerful site, not just because of the ley lines that run through it, and the standing stones that encircle it, but also because the land itself is invested with spiritual energy that was brought by generations upon generations of people. More than the physical building of sacred spaces, the Sacred Site Project is essentially a psychic building of layers upon layers of spiritual and sacred energy that occurs whenever a spiritual event occurs on the land.

How do I book a visit or ritual time at Thornhaven?

Thornhaven is semi-public. If you would like to visit, please call and book your time in advance 613-983-1533. We would love to see you.

AGM Reports

2010: AGM Report in Word format: Thornhaven AGM 2010.doc

2009: AGM Reports in Word format: Thornhaven AGM 2009.doc


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