Rules and By-Laws

The Rules at Thornhaven:

Please adhere to these rules while enjoying your time at Thornhaven.

1) Play nice or go home. Harassment, inappropriate behaviour, or aggression of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the property.

2) All laws of Canada and the Province Of Ontario apply to those visiting Thornhaven.

3) The earth is our mother. Treat her kindly. Do not litter, and take your recyclables home with you (our recycling program cannot sustain extra material).

4) Parents are responsible for their children at all times.

5) Fire is a blessing, but needs to be controlled. Do not dig any additional fire pits without permission from the property managers.

6) No harvesting of live vegetation. Herbs in the herb garden can be picked in small quantities for rituals etc, but please ask property manager before any other harvesting of herbs, fruit or veggies.

7) We welcome you contributing your own personal touches to the landscaping here at Thornhaven. However, please do not erect any permanent structures or do large scale changes without permission from property managers.

8) Hydro access will only be allowed in special circumstances, with the permission of the property managers.

9) We love animals, but please leave your pets at home. (We have enough of our own to share).

10) Hazardous behaviour, to yourself or others will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the property. In the case of drunk driving, if we believe that you are intoxicated or unable to drive, we will confiscate your keys until you are sober again

The Thornhaven Grove By-Laws

By-Laws provide the structural foundation for the Grove, and direct us in all organizational matters. It includes the criteria for membership, the election process for the executive committee, and the vision/mission of the Grove.

These by-laws were created and reviewed by the members in order for the Grove to be chartered, and are voted on each year at the annual general meeting (AGM), which occurs at Samhain or as close to it. Members of Thornhaven Grove are permitted to bring forward changes to the by-laws, which will be voted on by the membership at the AGM or sooner, if the issue is of particular importance.

Current version of our By-Laws in Word format:

Thornhaven Bylaws 2012.rtf

Thornhaven Bylaws 2012.pdf

Archive of previous versions of our By-Laws in Word format:

Thornhaven Bylaws 2010.doc

Thornhaven Bylaws 2009.doc



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